Selena Gomez’s Houses Have Chic Luxury Interior Design

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Selena Gomez’s Houses Have Chic Luxury Interior Design

The heart wants what it wants—when it comes to houses, that is. Selena Gomez is now the most followed woman on Instagram with an estimated net worth of $85 million. From her fame onWizards of Waverly Place to her popular Hulu series Only Murders in the Building, one can only assume that she has some pretty extravagant luxury homes.

The Texas native didn’t have it all when she first started out though—in fact, she showcased her small childhood home in her recent documentary Selena Gomez:My Mind & Me. Gomez, proving the classic tale of a small hometown kid who finds worldwide stardom. This leaves us wondering: what have her houses really looked like throughout the years? Let’s analyze Gomez’s design aesthetic in her past residences, shall we?

Grand Prairie, Texas Home

Okay, so there wasn’t much design to analyze here, considering this house was Gomez’s childhood home in Grand Prairie, Texas. I mean, what kid really has a say in the design of the house they grew up in? According to Virtual Globetrotting, the home is now worth about $174,200 and made a grand appearance in her 2022 documentary. Gomez even took to Instagram to share a touching tribute to the house (the nostalgia has us crying!).

San Fernando Valley, California Starter Home

Peak Wizards of Waverly Place and Justin Bieber era (2011), Gomez purchased her first home in the Tarzana area of San Fernando Valley, California. Chic and modern is a great way to describe this 6 bedroom and 8 bathroom estate. It seems like a common theme throughout her home is white, but polished with transitional interior design choices (aka a mix of traditional and modern styles) throughout the main rooms.

Calabasas, California Mansion

In 2015, Gomez made a major upgrade to her real estate portfolio. The Calabasas mansion contains 5 bedrooms, 6 baths, 5 fireplaces, a full bar, outdoor kitchen, and more additional amenities than you can probably imagine (per REH Real Estate). A Spanish-style home comes to mind here (peep the red terracotta roof). Gomez opted for more stone work this time around with a vintage and bold approach to the decor—we are particularly obsessed with the wooden wine cellar and tropical-themed home theater. Fun Fact: the home is actually now owned by famous rapper, French Montana.

Fort Worth, Texas House

2015 was apparently a big year for Gomez given that she also purchased a house in Fort Worth, Texas (back to her family roots!). This time, the Rare Beauty founder took more of a muted approach to the design. Per pictures from House Beautiful, neutral tones (such as tans and grays) were featured throughout the house consisting of high ceilings, an elaborate backyard pool, and a tasteful bar in the entryway.

The decor that stands out to us the most though, is the vibrant dining room filled with random pops of color—that weirdly work together—and a nothing-but-red game room. This Texas home is much more focused on stone and masonry work, which is a far stretch from the aforementioned Spanish-style Calabasas mansion. The house went on the market after only one year, and it later underwent three price reductions before being sold in 2018. Moral of the story? Red is a good album name for your best friend, but maybe not the best choice for your room.

Studio City, California Home

Gomez’s Studio City house bought in 2017 is giving ~clean girl aesthetic~. The house doesn’t really fall in line with her previous real estate portfolio, with upscale living rooms and a rustic kitchen. The main colors here are white, black, and a light teal that’s first showcased on the French doors located in the front of the home. Despite the house being built in 1951, the California estate is completely remodeled (via My Domaine). It looks like she carried some of her design methods from the kitchen with her though, because the set up looks eerily similar to her iconic Selena + Chef background.

Upper East Side, New York City Apartment

In all honesty—we have no idea what the actress’s upper east side apartment in New York City looks like, so we can’t exactly analyze her design aesthetic here. According to iHeartRadio, she did give fans a sneak peak of the space on Instagram Live, although it leaves much to the imagination. “I am so happy and lovely here in New York,” she told Vulture. ”I love living with the older generation, so I’m on the Upper East Side…I’m currently in a little cave and it’s so lovely and private.” Even though that’s all of the information we have so far, we are content just spotting her around the Big Apple as she films Only Murders in the Building.

Only a beauty mogul and pop culture phenom could have such impeccable taste. We can’t wait to see the next homes Gomez adds to her portfolio, and hopefully she’ll give us a fabulous tour.

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