a natural way to boost plants |

Susan Howell
a natural way to boost plants |

Comfrey is an amazing plant and making nutrient-rich fertilizer from its leaves is one of the many ways it can help you grow strong and healthy plants. It is an attractive plant in its own right, with large spreading leaves and bunches of bell-shaped flowers in white and shades of blue and pink that appear in late spring and early summer.

In the wild it favors damp ground and it is an essential plant in cottage gardens and wildlife gardens as its flowers are nectar-rich magnets for bees and butterflies. As far as the gardener is concerned, comfrey is also of benefit to other plants, because its leaves contain high levels of the essential nutrients nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium as well as other valuable trace elements.

Comfrey and comfrey derivatives can be used as fertilizers, for mulching or even added to the compost heap. It is especially good for feeding tomatoes and other hungry crops grown in planters and growbags. 

Comfrey plant with pink flowers and a bee

Comfrey is an attractive plant that is great for a wildlife garden

(Image credit: Alamy/idp wild flower collection)

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Ruth (opens in new tab) is the gardening editor of Amateur Gardening magazine, the UK’s oldest weekly magazine. She is horticulturally trained and has qualifications from the Royal Horticultural Society. Ruth spends her working days writing about and photographing the gardening jobs that our readers should be carrying out each week and month, and tests many new products that arrive on the gardening market. She favors organic gardening methods, so often makes her own comfrey fertilizer as a natural way of boosting the growth of her plants and crops. 

What is comfrey and why does it make a good fertilizer?

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