8 Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom Without a Contractor (or a Major Budget)

Susan Howell
8 Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom Without a Contractor (or a Major Budget)

Tackling a bathroom reno project on your personal may well come to feel overwhelming, but a number of Do-it-yourself updates could be all you need to produce your aspiration place. In advance of diving in, it is significant to have an understanding of the great line concerning what you can do on your own and what needs a contractor. “As soon as you start contemplating about switching the plumbing, replacing tile, or shifting light-weight fixtures, it is really worth selecting a contractor,” interior designer Noz Nozawa suggests. “They are not only experts in helping carry a renovation to life, but they are also often necessary for insurance and allow purposes, which are quite important—especially in city places.”

But here’s the good news: You do not have to have to work with a qualified (or obtain a massive funds) to boost your bathroom. In accordance to Nozawa, imaginative consultant Jen Levy, designer Leah Alexander, and specialist organizer Jessy Smith, there are quite a few little assignments that can make a enormous impression. Examine on for a listing of straightforward bathroom upgrades that you can choose on in a weekend.

Modify your medication cabinet—or add a 2nd just one

Chances are the within of your drugs cupboard is begging to be reorganized. “Reuse outdated jam jars or whiskey tumblers to make use of the vertical house on each individual shelf,” Smith says.

If you are searching for a much more eye-catching update, get some paint. “Painting a medication cabinet frame and vanity an attention-grabbing colour that feels just a tiny dangerous can be an exciting way to breathe new existence into a rest room,” Alexander states. “A pleasant 1-two punch is [also] to change the components on cupboard doors and drawers to replicate refreshing whimsical, glamorous, or edgy strength.”

If you previously have a medication cupboard and you’re continue to craving storage space, occasionally the reply is setting up an additional just one. “Consider incorporating one particular over your towel rack or above the toilet,” Nozawa states. “There are now toilet medication cupboards that are full peak and shallow plenty of to conceal behind your door.” Just make confident you lookup for a area-mount cupboard, which you can attach to the wall your self, as opposed to a recessed cabinet, which involves a area of interest.

Install open up shelving 

If you are wanting for added storage, contemplate a wall of open cabinets. “These can keep your more lovely merchandise or further-tall products, like hairspray and shaving product, that never suit wherever else,” Smith states. “A battery-operated clock right here is also good, as well as anything ornamental.” For a additional eclectic glimpse, go for the very same shelves in unique hues or various cabinets in the similar colour. Equally are little design choices that will support elevate your room.

Add a mirror

If you’re hunting for an straightforward way to reflect gentle and increase identity, the solution might be a straightforward one. “Mirrors are not just for perfecting your have reflection—they can also insert a large amount of aesthetic joy to a toilet,” Nozawa claims. You can go so many techniques with this suggestions: vintage etched mirrors, types with chunky frames, gilded mirrors, and Diy choices. “Consider an outsized mirror in an interesting shape,” Alexander states. “Arched or even concave and convex mirrors include tons of curiosity.” There are no rules—except that you should really put in it properly, so it stays place. To hang a heavy mirror, make absolutely sure you attach two anchors to the wall to guidance its pounds, if you’re not hanging it from a stud. 

Have fun with new components

A single of the easiest approaches to make your bathroom come to feel new once more is to commit in some current accessories. “When I begun exploring all over for a tub mat for my individual lavatory following I renovated it to have inexperienced and pink tiles, I could not consider how lots of enjoyable and reasonably priced [options] ended up available,” Nozawa says. “There are designs, textural solids, and kooky flora-and-fauna-themed tub mats, just to name a several,” she states. Wanting to perform with what you have obtained? “If getting new doesn’t make perception for you, look at dyeing your aged towels and bathtub mat,” Smith states. “Use Rit dye at dwelling or send it to a community dye tub.

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